These publications highlight areas of specialization for Norris Consulting Services.


Pushing the Envelope- periodic column in RCI Interface, Journal of RCI, Inc. July 2012, October 2012, March 2013, February 2014, August 2014, December 2014, and June 2015.


Patching a Breach in the Building Envelope System Using Polyurethane Foam, Interface: Journal of the Roof Consultants Institute, pp. 32 & 33, November 1996.


The Self Composting BuildingWESTCON Presentation, June 2013.



Mock-up Water Test Results of Sample Flashing Systems for Storefront Windows in Stucco Walls with Primary author Chris Nelson, RCI Interface, March 2010.


Hurricane Damage

Hurricane Fran Damage Observations Presented: 8th U.S. National Conference on Wind Engineering, Baltimore, Co-author: Akhtarhusein A. Tayebali, June 5-7, 1997.


First Look: Hurricane Fran Storm Damage Interface, Journal of the Roof Consultants Institute, pp. 20-22, October 1996.



Reroofing Requirement mean Radical Changes The Communicator, Summer 2014.


Tips for Selecting an Out-of-State Roofing Contractor to Effect Repairs Following a Disaster Interface, Journal of the Roof Consultants Institute, p.44, January 1997.


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